Quality ConsultingAll around you the world and technology is moving at a rate that is hard to keep up with but with a certification to a QMS you can have that competitive edge. A dedicated QMS is becoming a prerequisite for almost any new contract being awarded whether in the commercial, aerospace, medical or military marketplace and without one you can be left behind.

Since 2008 Premier Quality Consultants has been offering companies Cost Effective, Efficient and Professional services in the development and implementation of Quality Management Systems. BEWARE of consultants offering implementation utilizing “off the shelf developed software”, as this is many times “Boilerplate” documentation. These packages are designed around copying and pasting your company logo and name into documents that are written in on often to generalized language.

Let Premier Quality Consultants customize a QMS around your business and your philosophies. We at PQS do not use boilerplate systems, each and every QMS is personally customized based on information gathered about your business model and business principals. We custom develop each system to fit your needs. We develop programs that allow your employees to continue doing the jobs they are used to doing with little or minimal change (the minimal change required is usually to meet the language in the particular standard).

Not sure what certification is right for you let us evaluate your business and products offered and guide you in choosing the right certification for you. Feel free to explore our website or request additional information by clicking on the contact link and submitting an email request for information. If you already know what standard you are interested in and would like a quote follow the link on the contact page to request a quote.

Our Services

ISO 9001 implementation: The universal quality standard

AS9100 implementation: For aerospace companies

ISO 13485 implementation: For the medical field

Internal Auditing

GAP analysis

Professional QMs Technical Writing

Upgrade Services

Upgrade to ISO 9001:2008 from any previous revision

AS9100 C upgrade from earlier revisions of AS9100 or from any ISO 9001 version

ISO 13485 upgrade from ISO 9001 or add in addition to any existing certifications

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